The JD Model Program 

What exactly is a Spokesmodel?

Spokesmodels are senior portrait clients who are rewarded for scheduling early with extra photoshoots.  You do not need to be a professional or even aspiring model.  I am looking for well liked, confident girls to represent my business.  The program is meant to be a win win for both of us!  It gives me the opportunity to have images to advertise with early in my season and gives you extra shoots and experiences to go along with your scheduled senior portrait session!  


Spring Model Session

Once all the paperwork is in we will schedule both your spring model session and your senior session.  The model session will take place in April or May.  I use the spring model sessions to promote my photography for the upcoming summer season.  Images from model sessions can be found on social media, in blog posts and in print advertising. 


Group Concept Shoot

We will have at least one group concept shoot in the Spring in addition to the model shoots. The group shoots usually have a certain theme like Boho or Grunge.  The group shoot is always a total blast and is a great opportunity to meet new friends!


More Images

Images from your model session will be combined with the images from your senior session for you to order from.  Models have at least double the amount of images to order from than regular clients.  They also typically have more images posted to social media than regular clients.  More sessions, more variety, more fun!


Additional Session Opportunites

In addition to being a working photographer, I am also an industry educator.  There may be times while you're under contract with me that I may ask if you're available for a workshop or mentorship that I am holding.  These images will also be available to order in your gallery!


Are You Ready? 

Ready to sign up?  Click here to be taken directly to the Spokesmodel Agreement.  Once your agreement has been signed by a parent come back and click here to be taken to the page to pay your retainer.  When I have received both I will contact you to set up your sessions!  

Questions?  Please feel free to give a call.  608-513-5689 or email